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Copyright Giselle Haber PhotographyWe offer customised Medi-Facial treatments to correct your specific skin concerns and conditions. Learn more about this in- Medispa skin care therapy in our FAQ.

What are Medi-Facial treatments?

Medi-Facials are non-invasive treatments aimed at correcting common skin concerns , THEY RESTORE AND REPAIR SKIN LEAVING A YOUTHFUL GLOW.

Our Medi-facial treatments can be customized to address

  • Reduce brown spots
  • Reduce and improve redness
  • Acne / balance oil control
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines/wrinkles
  • Delicate skin nourishment

How do Medi-Facials work?

Medi-facials correct skin concerns using high levels of clinically-proven ingredients. They are non-invasive with no downtime yet highly effective with formulations such as vitamin A, B and C formulated to stimulate new collagen production whilst increasing elasticity of the skin and correcting.

Can a Medi Facial Treatment address Acne?

Our Acne Medi Facial Treatment will clean out, balance and clear the acne lesions. To complement your treatments, a home care program will be given to calm and treat inflammation.

How can I get started?

Book your skin assessment today. During our consultation, we can pick the perfect Medi Facial treatment for you.

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