Vectra 3D Imaging System for face and body

The latest cutting edge technology, Vectra 3D imaging system provides a complete educational experience regarding plastic surgery cosmetic procedures and skin problem concerns.

Using this system, a three dimensional photograph is taken during your consultation before surgery, injectable treatments and skin assessment.

This way you are able to see how you can look before or after treatment or surgery with your new improved or enhanced look.

How Does 3D Work?

The Vectra 3D machine uses several cameras to take multiple simultaneous pictures of you from different viewpoints.  This builds a 3D virtual image of your body to assist with decision making, make a comparison and see before and after images.

3D Imaging And The Skin

For skin Vectra 3D is used to assess the level of redness, vascular lesions and pigmentation in the face and decolletage.

Skin discolourations and damaged skin area often visible and others not so visible, they can be treated with a good program including retinol , sun protection, chemical peeling or photo skin rejuvenation.

3D Imaging And Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

For surgical procedures Vectra 3D imaging is used for breast augmentation, breast lift, body contouring, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and more.

Using special simulation software on your 3D picture, Dr Scott Turner will show youthe possible results of aesthetic procedures you may choose to have.

How Long Does It Take

The process only takes a few minutes and you have the opportunity to review the results during your initial consultation.

At that time, you can request alternative simulations to sure you are comfortable with the recommended surgical plan.

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