Acne, congestion & normalizing skin!

Acne, congestion, excessive oil, open pores, fine lines and normalizing the skin

Q: Why do we endorse and love the potent active ingredient Salicylic acid ?

A: Because it works when used correctly

What Is Salicylic?

Salicylic acid is a BHA. Like AHA’s the BHA (beta hydroxyl acids) is an effective chemical exfoliant for removing dead skins cells, resurfacing skin and refining open pores.

How Can Salicylic Help?

BHA’s are fat soluble which means they penetrate the skins pores and follicles effectively normalizing oil flow and blocked pores.

BHA’s also are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial to the skin. A perfect non-invasive approach to correcting skin congestion concerns without causing more damage. The result is a smooth, reduced oil complexion and reduction in blemishes and fine lines.

How To Get The Best For My Skin Concerns?

Maintain a good, disciplined home regime with correcting ingredients in small regular doses. Never over-apply or double up on active products/ingredients. Your skin will thank you for your kindness and respond much better.

A monthly Phytotretinoin skin peel by Aspect Dr is most suitable for the management of all types of epidermal hyper-pigmentation, lines & wrinkles, hyper-keratosis and impure skin conditions. All skins need to be on a Vitamin A or pigment inhibitor each evening for 3 weeks prior to this skin treatment.

Cost $145 per treatment.

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