Heal Your Skin from the Inside Out

Who doesn’t want picture perfect skin? Unfortunately, many of us are prone to frustrating conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, hyper-pigmentation, and cellulite. And, let’s face it: when you don’t look your best, you don’t feel your best.

Countless women (and men!) spend a lifetime dealing with skin issues but it is not something that you should just try to ignore or cover up. Often, your skin is trying to tell you something. Many medical conditions, large and small, display themselves via the skin. Whether it is dehydration, a lack of sleep, vitamin decencies, or a range of other conditions, your skin is a window to your health.

Want to tackle problem skin? The best thing that you can do is treat the underlying condition. Here’s how to heal your skin from the inside out.

You Are What You Eat

If you want to look better, the first step is to improve your diet. Eating healthier will improve your appearance from head to toe. A diet rich in fibre, colourful vegetables, and other essential nutrients is the best thing that you can give yourself.  Eating well and staying hydrated will do more for you than any skincare programme.

Many people find that their skin responds negatively to sugar and dairy. If you think that you might have a sensitivity to a particular food, get it checked it out. Experiment with your diet and focus on eliminating any excesses. If you are dealing with chronic or painful reactions, talk to your GP.

Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

If there’s one thing all medical professionals agree on, it’s sleep. Getting enough rest is critical. From helping your brain function well to aiding in the healing process to making your skin glow, sleep is probably the single best thing that you can do for yourself. And it’s so easy! Simply lie in your bed and close your eyes for seven to eight hours per night. There is nothing in your life more important than taking care of your health and getting adequate sleep. Get into the habit of turning off every screen and creating a quiet space. Remember, there is no such thing as “catching up” on sleep. You really do need to get enough rest each and every night.

Get Physical

Exercise is another key factor to staying healthy and looking your best. When you break a sweat, you make your heart pump blood faster and your oxygen flow more efficiently. This releases stress hormones, which helps you sleep better, strengthens your immunity levels, and makes your skin look fresh. Any increase in exercise will benefit you. If the idea of an exercise programme overwhelms you, focus on creating a small weekly increase in activity. Even just walking for an extra five minutes will give you a health boost so concentrate on making little changes here and there.

Learn How to Unwind

Stress can do some serious damage to your heath. Learning how to manage stress can change your life. Whether that means taking up meditation, going for regular jogs, or just practising breathing techniques, stress management is important to your overall health and your skin.

Using Professional Solutions

Sometimes skincare products from department stores and pharmacies just aren’t enough. While there are some good products out there, they just can’t compare to professional level solutions.

If you are frustrated with your skin and looking for solutions, it’s time to go for a skin assessment. At the Medispa Institute, we will discuss your concerns and create a customised treatment plan for you. With medi-facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, medical grade skincare and laser rejuvenation, you won’t believe how amazing your skin can look. Want to learn more? Why not schedule a one-on-one consultation?

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