Serious about your complexion ?

Skin damage, complexions that are uneven, bumpy, with poor tone and pigmentation are always major concerns of many clients. With a committed approach and regular good, healthy basic steps improvement is definitely achievable. Depending on the depth of pigmentation or damage and the causes a variety of treatments may be required.

Over time you will get comments on how good your skin is looking however, there are a few approaches to repairing damaged skin which all help support the other.

Repair Your Skin

To fight the ongoing process of ageing and damage and achieve a beautiful and clearer complexion good home skin care with regular in clinic treatments will all add up. From there the strength, resilience, and general health of your skin will start to show and at the same time preserve the youthfulness. Specific active ingredients help reduce skin discolouration and uneven skin tone without harming or inflaming the skin.

Cosmeceutical grade skin care with potent active ingredients are ideal for sun damaged skin, uneven skin colour, wrinkles and laxity, impaired barrier function and dull lifeless skin.

Vitamin A

A powerful anti-ageing ingredient. Enables surface hyper-pigmented cells to be sloughed off evenly and effectively. This is able to reverse the damage of UV light from the sun. Retinoids (Vitamin A’s) are also tyrosinase inhibitors which are able to reduce the melanin and melanosome size.

Vitamin B (Niacinamide)

Retards epidermal water loss, providing an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces uneven skin tone, skin lightness and clears pustular acne by reducing sebum production.

Vitamin C

In the form of L-ascorbic acid acts on the melanin by reducing formation of oxidized melanin and also inhibits the enzyme tyronaise. Provides antioxidant activity, clarifying and brightening activity.

There are prescription products available which contain hydroquinone, retinoic acid compounds which can offer results however we do not recommend this as a long term approach. There can be repercussions such as recurrence or hyperpigmentation particularly without the correct sun protection.

Protect Your Skin

The vital key to preventing sun damage, sun spots and protecting your skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays is to use a mineral (physical ) based sunscreen with at least 20 per cent zinc oxide particularly for pigmentation. The other option is a chemical absorbing sunscreen which can in some cases causes skin sensitivity, can be effective if applied regularly.

3 In Clinic Treatment

The best results are always achieved by using a combination of treatments which are customized to the individual. These include a balanced approach such as;

  • Clinic treatment such as skin peels, chemical peels, medi-facials and microdermabrasion
  • Clinic treatment such as skin rejuvenation/photo treatment with intense pulsed light waves (IPL)
  • Cosmeceutical grade skin care
  • Sun protection program
  • Lifestyle changes


In Clinic Skin Assessment

With a professional in clinic assessment, we are able to determine what lies beneath the surface of the skin using skin imaging technology such as our Vectra 3D simulation. With 3D imaging we will see how much vascular damage, pigmentation, sun damage and inconsistencies there are in the dermis. Diagnosing the skin correctly and taking into consideration genetics, lifestyle, with topical correctors we are then able to offer a customized routine and program that is achievable.


Skin assessment    –    $50 (redeemable with purchase of treatment or product)

Skin treatments    –    Starting at $99

Intense Pulsed Light     –     Starting at $150

Fractional Laser Resurfacing  –   Starting at $1500

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