The Fabulous Four – Power Serums

We never under estimate the power of a potent serum, which is more than able to give your skin an added boost while directly addressing your main areas of concern.

Serums are able to help skin look firmer and clearer, reduce skin discolouration, refine open pores and improve dull dehydrated skin. This is achieved through the use of active multi ingredient serums targeted toward skin care concern with goals to normalize and not just cover the outward symptoms.

Whether addressing slight imperfections, sun damage, fine line or redness serums are able to restore a youthful and glowing complexion.

Exfol A Plus Serum – Aspect Dr

An AHA and Vitamin A night serum.

Treats dull thickened skins, pigmented, ageing and congestion.

Benefits: exfoliating, assists in the delivery of nutrients, antioxidant, refining and brightening.

Need to be introduced to the skin slowly

X-Cellerate Serum– Results Rx

An LG Retinex complex together with powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts.

Treats: hyper-pigmentation, photo-damage and blemished skin

Benefits: exfoliates, increases cell turnover, evens skin tone, anti-irritation and antioxidant properties

Complete Pigment Serum – Aspect Dr

Contains Tyrostat TM (Rumex Occidentalis extract) a skin lightening ingredient derived from a plant native.

Treats: all forms of pigmentation, age spots, freckles and skin discolourations

Benefits: blocks formation of new pigment, anti-oxidant protection, brightening and anti-inflammatory

Redless – Aspect Dr

Contains Sea Buckthorn an anti-inflammatory, high antioxidants among other calming and strengthening ingredients.

Treats: rosacea, chronically dry skin, rough flaky skin, irritated and uncomfortable skin, uneven texture, devitalised skin

Benefits:calming, soothing, protective barrier, wound healing, anti-inflammatory,

What You Don’T Want And Aspect Dr Products Don’T Contain

No sodium lauryl sulphate, no propylene glycol, no formaldehyde,  no parabens, no harsh preservative systems, no hydroquinone, no alcohol, no mineral or petroleum-based oils and never tested on animals.  Basically all the bad guys.

Now is a good time to incorporate a pro-active serum and increase your level of hydration as the season moves into the winter.  They are light, fast absorbing, can be used under moisturisers and make a significant difference to the quality and appearance of your skin.  Particularly with consistent use.  If  you wish to read more about medical grade skin care you can on

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