A Guide to Modern Tattoo Removal


Not so in love with your tattoo anymore? Whether you got your tattoo last year or last decade, post-parlour regret is more common than you might think. While you can always tattoo over your regrets, it is not your only option. Today tattoo removal is safer, easier and more effective than ever before.

Are you ready to create a clean slate? Here’s your guide to modern tattoo removal.


The Basics of Tattoo Removal

There are a few tattoo removal options, including dermabrasion and cryosurgery. Laser tattoo removal, however is widely considered to be the gold standard.

When you get a laser tattoo removal treatment, an intense light is aimed at the treatment area. This light is used to penetrate through the surface of the skin and break down the ink particles. Once they are broken down, your body’s immune system will natural wash them away like any toxin.


Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

The safest method of tattoo removal is laser treatment. While it is a safe procedure, any time of treatment like this has its potential side effects. Any tattoo removal site is at risk for infection so proper post-treatment care is truly essential.

Any tattoo removal procedure also runs the risk of scarring, hypopigmentation (which causes your skin to get paler), or hyperpigmentation (which causes your skin to get darker).


What to Expect from Tattoo Removal

It’s important to have realistic expectations before getting tattoo removal. First of all, you don’t want to expect to have perfect skin afterwards. The results vary. Everyone’s skin is different and your skin might not look the exact same as it did before you got a tattoo.

You should also be aware that laser tattoo removal is not instant. One treatment is not going to be enough. Tattoo removal is a process and multiple treatments will be required. Each and every person is different so each timeline will vary.

There is no way to predict the exact number of treatments that will be needed. There are too many variables at place, including tattoo colouring, placement, and skin types. When you get started with tattoo removal, it will be a “wait and see” process. During the course of the removal, you will be able to see the progress after each laser treatment.


Patience Is Key

The downtime between treatments is key to good results. If you get laser treatments too close together, your wound won’t have time to heal and you will experience increased irritation. The typical time between laser tattoo removal sessions is four to six weeks. Some people, however, may need up to eight weeks or even more. To get the best results, it is imperative to be patient and work with your body’s natural healing process.


Getting Started with Tattoo Removal

The Medispa Institute has partnered up with the tattoo removal specialists at Vanishing Ink to provide state of the art tattoo removal. Tattoo removal is all they do and they do it extremely well. They are dedicated to offering the latest techniques and procedures while ensuring your safety and comfort. They have made more than 6,500 tattoo disappear and they can help you too!








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